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Introducing the AutoNAV Benchmarking Study
Rene Villiger
Executive Director, Infonic Group
Proving out a radically more effective model to drive the core business processes of investors into alternatives.
If you're in the business of owning, managing or servicing investments in alternatives, you depend on confident data. There are some core business processes you just can't outsource: making investment decisions, investor / stakeholder reporting, and signing off valuations.

These key processes depend on timely quality data, often pieced together from various internal and external sources. Wouldn't it be great to get this data at any time, without the heavy lifting?
For most institutions, servicing core business processes is a balancing act between operational cost and quality of data.

Currently, there is no perfect operating model, with the extremes being full shadow operations or a reliance on the administrator providing data. The former is a costly solution that requires heavy lifting. The latter forms an adequate, but outdated basis for investment decision making, requiring manual spot checks for sign-off.
    Based on our years of experience in the industry, we're introducing a radically more effective approach to source, process and quality-assess the data required for investment decision making, client reporting and liquidity management.

    Our AutoNAV solution enables an automated top-down approach: leveraging all externally available data, combining it with your own, and smartly augmenting this to the full picture needed by your processes. This approach gives you access to up-to-date quality information, on par with a full shadow operating model – when you need it and without the heavy lifting.
    At Infonic, we've seen many clients struggle to find a balance. However, we believe that most firms can easily adopt this automated approach and radically improve their effectiveness in servicing their business processes.

    Findings so far have been incredibly promising. When compared to Shadow Accounting, the automated top-down approach

    • produces reliable NAV for typical alternative portfolios
    • values 98% of investment closing balances to the $. Any deviations were predominantly minor and of no relevance at portfolio level
    • settles cash to the penny even when using a basic fee calculator

    In order to prove out this model, we are happy to announce our AutoNAV Benchmarking Study.

    The benchmarking study will give participants an opportunity to compare the automated top-down approach via AutoNAV to their current approach, on their own data. The study will

    • map the landscape of operating models observed in the market
    • validate the proposed approach vs. the current model within and across participants
    • qualify the readiness of service providers to support the proposed approach
    • 1
      Assessment of the proposed model
      • Comparison of proposed operating model against current models
      • Measuring the impact on effort required and accuracy achieved for
        • Investment decision making (mid/late month)
        • Investor reporting (BD5)
        • Review & approval of administrator final (T+10-25)
    • 2
      Benchmarking against wider market
      • Comparison of operating models across study participants
      • Covering relevant aspects to allow comparison
        • Type of business & fund structure that is supported
        • Operational setup (scope, internal vs delegated)
        • Responsibilities & team size
    • 3
      Service Provider Readiness
      • Comparison of administrator services
      • Activities performed and timing thereof (e.g. daily cash booking)
      • Availability of data
      • Accessibility of data
    We are excited to share that we are currently enrolling participants to the study. As a participant you will receive, in addition to the full benchmarking study report, a detailed impact analysis of the proposed operating model as well as an assessment of service provider readiness - yours, as well as those of other participants.

    We are confident that AutoNAV can deliver the overall data accuracy required for the purpose of running your core business processes in confidence, with minimal effort.
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