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Managing Alternative Portfolios
We service institutional clients investing in alternatives. Empowering them to gain insight and control over an investment and operational process that remains fragmented and manual. HedgeSphere is a core software system supporting the entire investment & cash life-cycle with on-demand valuation across complex structures, investment and investor side.
The HedgeSphere Solution
We service institutional clients managing investments in alternative assets. Both asset managers and asset owners and their advisors. Invested in public and private market alternative assets.
We help our clients gain insight and control over their investments. In complex portfolio structures, both investment and investor side. On information with inherent time-delays and varying degrees of quality.
We provide a core software system covering the entire life-cycle of investment & cash. From decision over execution through to position tracking, settlement & reconciliation. With full quality-assessed valuation anytime.
Investment & Cash Life-Cycle
Investment Managers running portfolios invested into alternatives know the specific challenges that come with these asset classes.

Investments with complex dealing terms might result in trades with months between notification and final tail settlement. These need to be planned and approved, instructed and executed, and finally accounted for both on a value and settled basis.

Integrating investment and cash side and managing the entire round-trip life-cycle from planning to dealing to accounting lies at the core of the HedgeSphere solution.

Providing a business-centric view on investment, investor and general ledger across complex portfolio and fund structures is essential.

Decision making, valuation and reporting on estimates is a necessity, given time delays and varying quality of available information.
Essentials for Investment Management
HedgeSphere is an industry leading, integrated suite of software tools, supporting the full asset management life cycle.

It allows your professionals to spend more time on decision-making and reduce the many and substantial risks. This is achieved by automating and supporting the processes the way your business works. And by enabling your business functions to work together and with service providers effectively and independently.
Servicing Clients' Functions
“With HedgeSphere we can build trust with our investors demonstrating a robust full lifecycle investment process."
“Having implemented HedgeSphere, our investment committee can take timely informed investment decisions with confidence, because we have all relevant information at our fingertips based on timely and accurate, quality assessed data."
"With HedgeSphere our team appreciates the central access to all relevant information, giving us more time to focus on the more valuable part of our work."
"Using HedgeSphere's interactive scenario-based trade planning tool, our investment committee & portfolio management can work real-time, on latest information ideas and variations."
"We trust in HedgeSphere for our pension fund advisory business due to its ability to handle the complexities of Hedge Fund investments while allowing us to have an accurate and holistic view on all investments across the mandates, including OTC derivative positions and traditional assets."
"Switching from our elaborate proprietary systems to HedgeSphere, we have been able to lower key person risk, reduce complexity and constrain our usage of Excel where this tool really belongs."
"Running our operations on HedgeSphere has allowed our Hedge Fund Solutions Group to scale its client base and AUM extremely efficiently."
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