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Whitepaper: a solution that could allow you to re-deploy 70% of efforts related to maintaining independent portfolio data
Rene Villiger
Executive Director, Infonic Group
How smart automation and approximation can provide an augmented view of future cashflow, trades, fund returns and NAVs - at any point in time.
Learn how you can have confidence in your data at any time and 3rd party oversight, while saving up to 70% of operating costs.
In a field of estimates, time delays and lack of standardisation, getting accurate and timely information for investment decisions is challenging. Current manual and costly approaches - coupled with once-a-month data - simply aren't effective for leading asset managers.

There's a better way: Using technology to remove the heavy lifting required to be on top of investments, across asset classes. All whilst enabling core business processes with unrivalled levels of data confidence.

To prove it, we conducted a study showing just how accurate smart automation and approximation are, on real-world portfolio data.

Data was sourced from leading alternative asset managers servicing institutional investors. The results produced by the firms' established approaches were compared against AutoNAV - a core component of our technology solution Infonic Connect.

The study clearly showed that, even in it's most simple setup, AutoNAV produces independent, quality portfolio data at less than a third of the effort.

What could you achieve if you re-deployed all those efforts to value-add activities?