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We solve the disconnect between timely data and accurate data.
Infonic Connect removes the heavy lifting required to be on top of your investments in alternatives - at any point in time and in the quality you need.

Our approach allows you to run your core business processes to unrivalled levels of confidence. All whilst bridging the disconnect between asset owners, managers, and service providers.
INFONIC CONNECT - Bridging the Gap in Alternatives
You own, manage or service investments in alternatives?
The most accurate data in the moment you need it.
Whether you own, manage or service investments in alternatives, our suite of technologies provides a fundamental shift in confident data availability. To an order of magnitude more efficiently.
Confident data. Any time. Without the heavy lifting.
Our Confidence Engine
We pinpoint and understand incorrect, inconsistent or missing information in your core business processes. And resolve them across parties.
Our Val & Liq Engine
We provide an augmented view of NAVs, fund returns, future cashflow & trades. At any point in time.
Our Automation Engine
We map, normalise and deliver your data from whatever source. Providing a single point of truth across parties.
Asset Owners
We provide your holdings in one place: at any time, without delay, in confidence.
Cut the time wasted gathering data.
No more manual data entry. We automate data capture across all your internal and external sources.

Save time with automated mapping and normalization.

A single source of truth for your standard and alternative asset data.
See the full picture at any time.
The information you need, across all asset classes, presented in the way you need it.

We intelligently compose each piece of the puzzle.

Gain a complete and clear picture to drive your investment decisions and reporting.
Be confident in what you see.
Instantaneous identification and communication of issues ensuring they're quickly resolved at source.

We detect, flag and rate potential quality and timeliness issues with full transparency between parties.

Our automated collaboration technology messages and updates relevant people internally and across your data providers.
Asset Managers
We get you to a confident decision-point with ease - at any moment in time.
See the full picture at any time.
All the information you need, composed the way you need it.

With industry-intelligent AI, we combine and augment the pieces of the puzzle automatically.

We ensure you have the best available picture anytime to drive investment decisions and client reporting.
Be confident in what you see.
We take the headache out of pinpointing and correcting issues .

We detect, rate and assign issues in real-time, driving them across parties until they are resolved.

We ensure full transparency of data quality and timeliness in the context of your core business processes.
Get your data without the heavy-lifting.
Dramatically saves you time. No more manual data collection.

Let us source, map and normalise every dataset across all your internal and external sources.

A single source of truth for you and your stakeholders.
Service Providers
We help you add more client value, simplify workflow, lower your costs.
Reduce the effort required to add client value.
Simplify consumption with an easily synchronized security master: deliver to your clients at any time.

Add greater value by fixing any breaks in the data on your client's behalf.

Integrate all the data for you clients. Aggregate and normalise everything: your data, your client data and any 3rd party dataset.
Provide your clients a richer, full NAV anytime.
A step change for your clients: help them gain a complete and clear picture to drive investment decisions and reporting. At any time.

We intelligently combine each piece of the puzzle into a full NAV, saving you and your clients precious time.

Paint a client-specific picture that goes beyond a standard NAV to include forward-looking information.
Better, more accurate data, every time.
Fewer mistakes with less rework. Tailor when and what is being checked, resulting in greater confidence for all parties.

Control what you share: apply customisable internal quality gates for the release of data.

Dramatically improve communication with a collaborative workflow: present checks performed, result, status' and explanations in a much clearer way.
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